This We Believe

What does it mean to know and nurture a reader?  What beliefs drive our work? 

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We believe that our greatest calling as reading teachers is to help each and every child develop a reading life that extends beyond the walls of school.


We believe that daily read aloud is the foundation of a thriving community of readers, serving as a celebration of and invitation into the world of reading.

We believe every child deserves access to amazing array of books, carefully curated and cared for with a classroom collection and including enticing genres, topics, authors, series, and perspectives.

We believe every child deserves long stretches of uninterrupted time everyday in which to read books of their choosing from the classroom collection, the school library, the public library, and wherever else good books can be found.

We believe that readers are nurtured one day, one book, one thoughtful conversation at a time.

We believe that the true definition of a good-fit book is one that engages the reader.

We believe that reading lives flourish when we empower students to take initiative, solve problems, and make intentional choices and plans.


We believe that every reader deserves a teacher committed to the practice of conferring.

We believe that every teacher can develop a joyful conferring practice that really works by committing to confer from the heart, confer with tenacity, and confer to learn.

We believe that nurturing readers is an art and a science; a career long journey of inquiry, action, and reflection.

We believe in time.  We believe in choice. We believe in great books.

We believe in children.

We believe in teachers.

This we believe.